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Yoga for Wellbeing in the East Riding

  • A Yoga practitioner for over 30 years

  • A yoga teacher   – certified by Yoga Alliance

  • A yoga therapist – trained with Yoga Campus.  Regd CNCH

  • A yoga4Health approved teacher

  • A yoga4arthtitis teacher – trained with Stefany Moonaz

  • Plus ongoing professional training eg Osteoporosis Awareness, Yoga for Trauma, Somatics ...

  • Just about to begin an Essential Somatics Teacher Training


How Yoga can help you

The movements of yoga are called asanas and can help you physically eg stronger muscles, greater mobility but also allow the breath (the energy) to move through your body more easily which can be healing:  energising or calming as needed.


The asanas can help improve flexibility and balance in the breath and in the mind reducing stress and aiding relaxation.

Together with the relaxation at end – the whole experience can lead to a greater sense of Wellbeing.


For more information: call/text on 07741 453526


Alexandria Hall, downstairs  HEDON  East Yorkshire

Tuesday afternoon  1.30 - 2.30 pm 
Classes restart        10.1.2023     £5 drop in

Yoga Therapy or private classes by arrangement

25% discount for online


Yoga Therapy

1:1 sessions working to develop a home practice for you.   The initial session includes an  assessment of where you are and the setting your goals - what you want to achieve.   Future sessions revise or set new goals.  

See Blog for more details and remember 25 % for online

"Elaine was fantastic and put me at ease from day 1. She is very knowledgeable and considered every aspect of my issues and was able to explain in a way which was clear and easy to understand."  


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Get In Touch

Elaine Tague

07741 453526


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