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Newsletter - January 2022

Yoga for Wellbeing in the East Riding

Yoga with Elaine Tague

Classes resume week commencing 10th January, hopefully live, but if not, we will transfer to Zoom.

I like the following definition of Yoga from Yoga4Arthritis teacher Stefany Moonaz. “If you are moving, and you are breathing and you are doing it mindfully (ie not thinking about the shopping!) you are doing yoga.” Add on the lovely relaxation at the end and you have a class that is about the whole body so you can feel stronger and more flexible in body, breath and mind.

This term we will also explore the breath - beginning with developing breath awareness. Noticing the breath as we rest, move and relax. Why? Because the breath enhances our practise and can be a valuable, free tool, in helping release stress, relax, lift our energy or calm us down. It can help us focus in daily life, it can help us focus on our yoga, rather than the shopping!

Free Breathing for Stress Relief

Sit or lie down and make yourself comfortable. Let your mind notice the breath in your tummy. Inhale through the nose and gently exhale through the mouth. You can slightly purse your lips as you exhale if you wish. Stay here for a few minutes letting your mind rest in the breath. Placing your hands on your low abdomen may also enhance the relaxation.

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