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Somatics - Have you heard of it?

Updated: May 1

Somatics Course 5-week introductory course

Wednesday 6.45 to 7.45 pm Begins 19th April 2023

Alexandra Hall, Hedon – Upstairs Room

This course only, prices will be £6 drop in or £25 for 5 weeks

For my previous yoga students £5.50 drop in and £20 for 5 weeks

Yes. I love Yoga and value all it has to offer, and I have begun a 200-hour Essential Somatics Teaching Training Course which complements this. In the future I will be integrating it into yoga classes, as well as offering pure Somatics.

First as an Essential Somatics Student I will lead 35 hours of pure somatic classes. Don’t worry, I have already had my teaching assessed as being ready to teach and that I have something valuable to offer.

“You had a lovely approach that was confident and you seem really comfortable teaching, so you could focus on guiding the group and teaching in a way that would help them.”

So, what is Somatics?

Movements that use the mind-body connection to help you sense and listen to signals from your body. Sounds like yoga, and some of the movements can look like mat-based yoga.

Somatics is “movement that helps relieve chronic pain and increases mobility”. It is not a keep fit class, but it will give you the freedom of movement to continue teaching salsa, playing tennis … (real life examples).

· Ease chronic pain

· Better Posture

· Function more efficiently

· Experience less tension

· More freedom

Please book

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