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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Yoga for Wellbeing in the East Riding

Yoga with Elaine Tague

Yoga for all - some variations available for Downward Dog

Classes recommence, Monday 4th January with feet and stability. “Balance improves with greater awareness of the feet” (Timothy McCall - Yoga as Medicine) AND taking care of our feet means taking care of our knees and our hips and lower backs!

Classes, this term, will be influenced by a course on Osteoporosis I attended. We will move up through the body strengthening muscles and bones. Click the link below, for more:

Classes will be on Zoom until further notice (Alexandra Hall, Hedon normally) I am keeping all classes at £4 per session or £12 for 4 classes whilst on zoom Chair-Based Yoga Opens 1.00 for 1.20 pm start 1 hour Regular Classes Opens 6.00 for 6.10 pm start 1 ¼ hours

New Class – also on Zoom (will move to Hedon post Covid) Yoga on Mondays 9.45 am . 1 ¼ hours Aimed at 50+ plus and those who would like a class to improve function, for example improving strength and balance over time. Though we will begin by gently increasing mobility for those new to yoga and returners.

Look out for

Totally Chair, a permanent Zoom class being trialled this Spring

Yoga for Arthritis – Will recommence as soon as Covid restrictions allow

Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist

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