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Taster Session

Coming soon - 9th May at 10.30 am Marfleet Community Centre.

I am a Yoga Teacher so why Somatics. Well Yoga can be considered a Somatic practice and the Yoga that I teach has become more slower and more mindful over the years. Somatics seems the next logical step. I have benefitted from it both in it's pure form and as part of a Yoga and Somatics class.

Come and learn about your body, if you can sense it, you can feel it, you can release it. you can heal it. Help your body function better and regain the freedom to pursue your interests. Dancing, tennis, golf or just sitting, standing and walking more efficiently.

Somatics works by contracting the muscle, slowly releasing and then resting rather than stretching. It is called a Pandiculation.

Thomas Hanna (1928 - 1990) developed his version of Somatics after practising the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. His studies in neurophysiology taught him about brain reflexes and their roles in muscular contractions. He mapped out 3. Red light -probably the most common reflex now as a result of long hours slumped over a computer; green reflex where our back muscles tighten as we react to a busy workload or stress and finally trauma reflex where an injury or accident occurs on one side of the body and causes muscles to tighten on the other side.

Using this knowledge and the pandiculations you can become aware of Sensory Motor Amnesia (for example your shoulders have forgotten where the starting point is and are permanently up by your ears) and regain control of your muscles, your body.

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