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What do you want from your Yoga Class?

Hi, in September I am hoping to restart live classes Hull and Hedon, but before I do, I would like to know what you would like included in your classes.

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But first a two-minute read to help you tick those boxes

Like most other class mine are mostly asana (poses) and five or 10 minutes relaxation at the end and they are both great, but Yoga has more to offer, so a quick resume of what is what is what ...

Asana is the physical bit. Asana or poses can be held, or it can be a moving practise. It can range from gentle repetitive movements to power yoga - a fast moving strong practise. From seated poses to standing on your head.


Movements are usually co-ordinated with the breath and focussing on the breath can help maintain stillness in static poses.

Including a pranayama practise (5 minutes of focussed breathing) within a yoga class can help balance energy or direct focus. It is a powerful tool: it can calm, it can cool, it can energise. It can heal – some studies have found it to be more helpful than asana in helping relieve pain.


Where breath was found to be helpful in relieving pain it may have been enhanced by meditating in on the breath. Meditation can calm a busy mind, improve focus, promote peace and I have sometimes included meditation, informally after relaxation and I will be including it my Arthritis Course as it has been found to be beneficial for pain relief.


The favourite bit of the class! At the moment we have about 5 or 10 minutes depending on the length of the class at the end of the class. Do you want more?

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