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Yoga - it all depends on weather

November 2022

As the dark nights arrive, I find myself feeling slightly oppressed, and I try to ignore the fact the clocks have gone back. Which means I am getting up at 6 and going to bed at 9.30 pm.

Being outdoors as much as possible helps and apparently an early morning walk can help too, so I will try that tomorrow.

The changing seasons will also be reflected in how I plan yoga classes. This week has been bright but windy and we have been enjoying grounding practices. As the weather becomes gloomy, we may need an uplifting practise to help us through the week, and if it lasts long, we may use the Yoga Haka, which always leaves feeling like I can cope with anything. You may enjoy watching the Yoga Haka - but don't worry it is nothing like the one we do.

So what is in your yoga class will all depend on the weather …

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