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Yoga Therapy for Arthritis

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

An 8-week Yoga Therapy course run by a qualified Yoga Therapist

Open to all those living with Arthritis

Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, psoriatic and all other types of arthritis. Helpful also for fibromyalgia.

What it will include

Arthritis can impact on the whole body, for example lack of energy, stress and difficulty sleeping so the classes will include practises that benefit the whole person. In addition, simple practises will be given to be done at home.

The length of the class will be one and a half hours and will include movement that starts from where you are – there may be as many different variations of asana (pose) as there are people in the class.

The classes will also include breath work and meditation – both of which have been found to be effective in pain relief. As are relaxation and restorative asanas (poses).

Group Priorities and Goals

· Reduced pain, increased mobility, and strength

· Better quality of rest and increased energy

· Greater focus, less tension/stress and improved mood

· Increased body awareness, greater ability to relax and respond rather than react to life

· Improved self-care and improved perceptions of overall well- being.

· Improved balance in body, mind, and breath

Individual Priorities and Goals

To be agreed with clients at initial assessment – see below

How is a Yoga Therapy Course different from a Yoga Class?

It will be a small yoga class (max 6), so you have the community feel AND you have individual attention.

All participants will fill in a Health Information Form prior to the course and a meeting will be arranged, before the course starts, to discuss your particular needs: this can be done on-line, in your home or the therapists – about three-quarters of an hour to include an assessment of how you stand, move and breath. There will be an opportunity for you to state your priorities for the course.


Thursdays 11:00 am Starting 1st October until 26th November (None on 29th October)

The Amiyoga Studio, 5 Princes Ave, Hull HU5 3RX.

This first course will be only £6 each for the initial assessment and £6 per session for each of the 8 weeks or £45 per session if paid prior to commencement.

Email or text 07741453526 to arrange an informal chat

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